Sunday, March 09, 2008

The week ahead

At last I've managed to set aside some quality time and make some inroads into my Crouch End Festival Chorus backlog - I'm well-placed now for the rest of the week, including Tuesday's committee meeting.

It's a good job I've managed to get ahead of myself as this week is going to be busy. Tomorrow we're off to the China exhibition at the British Museum, a much-anticipated event that I booked tickets for way back in November (as we wanted an early start and this was the first date we could get 10am tickets for). Then tomorrow evening we're rehearsing for a recording session which will happen on Thursday evening. Wednesday takes me to Hertfordshire Chorus's rehearsal, and I still have to fit in completing the first essay for my Open University A200 history course, although this one is only 1,000 words long!