Monday, April 30, 2007

Avignon (Second post)

In my last post I referred to an artist called Luis Alvarez, whose work was on display in the Philippe le Bel Tower in Villeneuve Lez Avignon.

I liked what I saw: Alvarez (who died in 1997) painted in a modernist style, strongly influenced by Cubism. Although most of his art was figurative, a few of his canvases evoked the Abstract Expressionism of Rothko, but with a distinctly Mediterranean palette. The centrepiece of the show was a stunning MaternitĂ©, in the fashion of a Madonna and Child: a young woman partially robed and showing one breast sits in an upright chair holding a baby dressed in white. The colour balance was exquisite, a pale cream background with luscious greens and blues in the woman's robe, who also wore a purple-brown skirt. I fell in love with the painting instantly and bought a print which I'll be framing and hanging somewhere at home.