Saturday, December 02, 2006

The first Morricone concert

Well, last night was the first of our two gigs (at the Hammersmith Apollo) with Ennio Morricone.

We arrived at the theatre for a 3pm rehearsal, but unsurprisingly the stage was not yet fully rigged, and the orchestra's plane from Rome had been delayed. The rehearsal eventually started at about 4.30pm, but most of the first hour was spent on annoying (and feedback-ridden) soundchecks with different sections of the orchestra. However, we finally got underway with Maestro Morricone and waltzed through the choral numbers, finishing the rehearsal only slightly late at 6.15pm. All was set for a memorable gig in the evening, and Rosemary was sounding stunning in her Casualties of War solo.

That gave us a couple of hours to kill before curtain up, but none of us had realised how difficult it would be to find a decent place to eat in Hammersmith. Felicity, Brooke, Rosemary and I eventually ended up in a pizza restaurant I'm too ashamed to name! Mind you, the pizza's were fresh, hot and pretty good.

Back at the Apollo the concert was introduced by Jonathan Ross (presumably because of his Film 2006 credentials). When we saw him back stage afterwards Rosemary remarked on what perfect skin and hair he had! The audience of 3,500 went mad when Morricone walked out onto stage, and at several points in the programme (most notably after the Sergio Leone medley and The Mission) gave standing ovations. The whole event, and the sheer noise from the crowd, reminded me of when a few of us took part in the Royal Variety Performance at the Dominion Theatre in 2000. By the end of the evening, the maestro looked tired but exhilarated (he knows how to milk a crowd for applause), but still had enough energy left for three encores.

And the best thing is, we all have the opportunity to do it again this evening!


Thanks for the insight Steve.
My blog post of the 1st Apollo concert is at:

Any more details you can provide us Ennio devotees with, would be gratefully accepted.
By the way, the CEFC were brilliant on the night, and Rosemary (?) did extremely well with her solo.

Thanks to all.