Thursday, November 30, 2006

Rehearsal with Maestro Morricone

Tonight was the big one! Our humble rehearsal hall in Muswell Hill was graced with the presence of Ennio Morricone, possibly the world's greatest living film composer. He seemed more at ease and jovial than he has on previous occasions we have worked with him, perhaps because he now know the choir and David well enough to trust us to deliver on the night.

We ran through most of the music first with David, whilst the maestro listened, then he took over and skated through all of the numbers to make sure everything was in place. He has made a few changes to the choral arrangements since the last gig we did in the Royal Albert Hall, most notably in Victims of War which now calls for a short solo soprano line in the chorus. He seemed very happy and stayed on until the end of the rehearsal.

I borrowed a digital SLR from Tara to take some pictures at the rehearsal, and hopefully I'll get the photos from her in the next few days. When I do I'll post them up on Flickr, but in the meantime here's a not very good image I took with my own compact digital (the flash is nowhere near powerful enough, so sorry about the dodgy quality).

I'll defer anymore books until next week.