Friday, August 18, 2006


I've just begun a new project to produce a Sibelius engraved score of Howard Haigh's Saeta. The piece was commissioned by Crouch End Festival Chorus in 1990 and re-performed at the Barbican Centre in 2004. It is scored for large chorus, soprano soloist and chamber orchestra, and is an eclectic mix of Spanish influences and avant garde performance techniques (including "body music" improvised by the singers!). Tremendously original and exciting to perform. Howard recently wrote a Spanish flamenco piece called Land of Light for chorus and his band, Lava (commissioned by Hertfordshire Chorus), which CEFC performed at the Barbican in July.

A big challenge with Saeta is the unconventional notation used in the score, so it's a great piece to cut my Sibelius teeth on. I'll keep you posted on progress here.

We're off to Rye for a long weekend later today, so no more posts until Tuesday or Wednesday next week.