Saturday, August 12, 2006

Music and essays

The panic is over: I submitted my essay at midnight last night. Boy, was it tedious. Most of my course focuses on western art history, but the last block was about non-western art. The essay was supposed to be about colonial and post-colonial art in India and China (which was never a colonial country in any case, although subject to western influences). The problem was that the course material provided by the OU was (a) sketchy and (b) confusing, which made the construction of a coherent argument a touch tricky. Something tells me this won't be one of the blocks I choose to revise for the exam in October. Still, I'll be happy if I get over 60% for the essay, which is much lower than the marks I've had for the others in the course.

Tonight we're off to Robert Hugill's house to sing through some of his new choral settings. It's been a while since we've sung anything of his, so it will be interesting to hear whether there has been any change in his style over the last couple of years. More on this later...

iPod music over the last few days - Peter Gabriel, various early punk songs courtesy of MOJO magazine, The Libertines, a superb compilation of the best of Weather Report, Blondie's early Plastic Letters album, Supertramp's Breakfast in America (which was one of the first albums I ever bought as a kid), Sinead O'Connor, The Beatles' Blue Album of greatest hits, Kate Bush, The Divine Comedy, Eric Clapton, Green Day, Pink Floyd, and Nirvana.