Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Carpet crawling

Sitting down to supper on Sunday evening I managed to spill an entire glass of rather nice red wine on our honey-coloured carpet in the sitting room, so I've spent the last day or so on my hands and knees spraying, mopping and dabbing with various bottles and cans of carpet cleaner. One of them has a lethal smell and I'm convinced that the 'flu-like symptoms I'm now suffering from are a result of the noxious cocktail of fumes I've been inhaling. It is working though - the stain is almost completely gone, which I would never have thought was possible.

I forgot to mention on Friday that I had been at the British Museum for most of the day. Apart from doing some work on my essay, I also spent some time in the Africa Galleries and two excellent (and free) temporary exhibitions in the Prints and Drawings Gallery devoted to Rembrandt and early French prints and drawings. Rembrandt really was a stunning draughtsman and observer of the nuances of human expression: the character and psychological power of expression in his drawings and sketches is in some cases just as compelling as in his finished canvases. The French drawings were interesting as this phase of the exhibition covered the early academic period, in which there were some fine examples of work by Le Brun (one of the founders of the Academie royale) and Poussin, as well as later works by Claude Lorrain. Later in the year the exhibition will cover drawings for the period to 1900.

iPod music today (mostly at the gym) - Sam Brown and Rickie Lee Jones (who I never tire of).